The Blood-Brain Barrier (BBB) is a gateway to selectively pass substances essential for brain function from the blood and restrict dangerous substances. But it also creates difficulties in treating brain disorders by blocking drugs.

Therefore, technology development to deliver drugs to the targeted part of the brain by bypassing the BBB is considered a major task for successful development of therapeutic agents.

Engineering and Designing Drug Delivery

BBB acts as a physical barrier to inhibit the delivery of therapeutic agents to the CNS. It is known that only 2% of therapeutic agents pass through the BBB to be delivered to the brain when administered by a general drug delivery method, Intravenous (IV) administration.

Based on the success experience of Hunterase ICV, the world’s 1st treatment for severe-type Hunter syndrome, Novel Pharma established an Intra-cerebroventricular (ICV) administration to overcome the BBB. It is a method of delivering drugs directly through a catheter connected to the ventricle of the brain by inserting a soft plastic device under the scalp.

ICV Overview

ICV administration is FDA approved administration technique that has been used for 50+ years